Carolina Crown 2022 Show Announcement

As in life, a great performance is made up of a series of authentic and memorable moments. Thrilling, exhilarating, inspiring and breathtaking...there is nothing like the special bond between performer and audience that allows us to experience these real emotions together.

In the spirit of “Carpe Diem,”— a phrase used to urge others to make the most of the present—our 2022 program, “Right Here Right Now” explores the concept of living in, creating, and sharing these moments with the audience. Our program is designed to engage the audience in unique ways, allowing them to feel present and immersed, creating a shared experience and bond, turning fleeting moments into infinite memories.

We are only ever promised the moment that we are in.

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Carolina Crownさんの投稿 2022年5月25日水曜日

【動画】Carolina Crown 2022 Show Reveal(26秒)



Right Here Right Now

With all the Love in My Heart by Jacob Collier
Chandelier by Sia & Jesse Shatkin
Chasing the Moment by Michael Klesch; Thom Hannum; Andrew Monteiro; Jim Ancona & Travis Peterman
Benedictus by Karl Jenkins
Own the Moment by Andrew Monteiro & Travis Peterman
Toccata Andromeda by Paul Halley


Chasing The Moment(オリジナル曲)

Own the Moment(オリジナル曲)

【動画】Toccata Andromeda(6分29秒)


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